Bonus Contact

Stations that work the Sponsoring Club station during the event, N0EBC, may claim an extra 100 points. The extra points shall be added to the total.


Certificates will be issued to the top five stations in each catagory both in and out of state. Several prizes are available for the top scores. 

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South Dakota QSO Party

2014 Contest Rules - October 18th 1800Z to October 19th 1800Z


2014 SDQP Results! - Click Here


OBJECT: Stations outside South Dakota work as many South Dakota stations and counties as possible. Stations inside South Dakota work everyone. 

EXCHANGE: Stations outside South Dakota send signal report and state, province or DXCC country. South Dakota stations send signal report and county. 

MODE: Mode are phone, CW and digital (any digital mode qualifies, ie: RTTY, PSK31 etc.) Stations may be worked only once per mode per band. 

QSO POINTS: Phone contacts are worth 1 point. CW and digital contacts are worth 2 points. 

MULTIPLIERS: Stations outside South Dakota multiply QSO points by total South Dakota counties worked. Stations inside South Dakota multiply QSO points by the total of the South Dakota counties worked, US States, Provinces and DXCC countries. South Dakota counties may only be used ONCE as a multiplier. 

CLASSES: Fixed station and rover

MAXIMUM POWER: High power (greater than 150 watts), Low power (150 watts or less) and QRP (5 watts or less)

MOBILES: South Dakota Mobile (Rover) stations are considered a new contact each time they change counties. County line contacts will count as multiple contacts for both, but must be logged separately. 

FINAL SCORE CALULATION: QSO points X Multipliers = Total + Bonus = Grand Total (Example 50 contacts SSB x 20 counties = 1,000 points + 100 bonus = 1,100 points grand total) 


Log Information  


N3FJP has built a program for the SD QSO Party both in and out of state!

Visit: for more info and to download.

Send Logs To:

ONLY South Dakota QSO Party logs sent to the above address. Logs should be in Cabrillo format. Include your callsign and claimed score. 


Logs Due by Saturday November 15th, 2014  

Any logs submitted past the due date will not be considered for scoring. 


Paper logs and QSL requests may be sent to:


c/o Anthony Buss

705 S Tanglewood Ave

Sioux Falls, SD 57106


Again, include your claimed score on the paper log as well. 

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